Arachnero (ネロ・ラフレア, Nero Rafurea?) is a boss in Chapter 11 of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. Before the boss can be damaged, either the four crystals dispersed around the battlefield must be destroyed, or Arachnero's energy shield must be broken with a few shots. Only after all of this can Arachnero be attacked directly. Directly after this battle, the second phase of this boss battle begins, when Nero transforms into Gorgonero.

Attacks Edit

Attack Damage Type Description
Laser Beam 600 Hard Fires out a powerful blast of energy from one of the four crystals.
Fireballs 180 Blow Back Fires out balls of fire at the target, easily dodged.
Flame Streak 150 Hard Fires a row of easily dodged fireballs at the player.

Strategy Edit

Four crystals will fly around the shielded boss. They will occasionally stop to fire a blast of energy at you. Before they can though, fire at them and take them down. Arachnero will sometimes fire balls of fire at you, so watch out for those while you're attacking the crystals.

Once the crystals are down, fire at the shield around Arachnero. After some shots, it'll vanish and you can damage Arachnero. Start to fire at him and he'll drop down, giving you time to hit his weak points on his side. Eventually, he will regain his shield and crystals, so just repeat the process until his health empties.

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