MP 12
Effect Aquaveil
Duration 5 minutes maximum
Casting Time 7 seconds
Recast Time 10 seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Water
Jobs WHM 10, RDM 12, SCH 13

Aquaveil is a White Magic spell that grants a status effect by the same name. Spells in Final Fantasy XI are often interrupted when a caster is damaged while casting. Aquaveil guards against spell interruption by damage a certain number of times.

Each time the player is struck while casting a spell, the spell will not be interrupted, and Aquaveil may or may not wear off. Aquaveil does not prevent spell interruption in the case where a status effect inflicted on the player while casting (such as Stun or Silence) halts spellcasting or when the player moves while casting. Aquaveil only prevents interruption caused by damage.