Aps is a boss in Final Fantasy VII. Tifa, Cloud, and Aeris encounter it in the Midgar sewers. It is one of the monstrous pets of Don Corneo, and resides in the sewers directly below his mansion.



# Formation
386 Aps
387 Aps


Sector 6 386


It is possible to get a Pre-emptive Attack on Aps, unlike against most other bosses in the game. Attacks to the back of Aps will inflict four times normal damage, as opposed to the regular two times for the majority of enemies. Aps is weak to Fire.

Aps's Sewer Tsunami attack is its strongest attack, but this attack damages Aps as well. The tsunami wave can come either forward, which causes more damage to Aps (between 180-192 HP) than the party, or backward of party, which causes more damage to the party than Aps (between 45-48 HP). It is used at certain points in the battle, as well after being hit by a magic attack. Aps's Lick attack inflicts always Sadness, which reduces damage taken but makes the party's Limit gauges fill at half speed.


The player is advised to have Aeris concentrate on casting Fire and healing the party. Using Cloud's Cross-slash Limit Break often paralyzes Aps for most of the fight. If Aps is paralyzed, it will not counterattack with Sewer Tsunami.

AI scriptEdit

Start of battle

Declare OpeningAttack = 0

Declare SewerTsunami = 0

Declare Count = 0

Declare HPDanger = 0

If (OpeningAttack == 0) Then

Use Sewer Tsunami*(Forward version) on all targets

OpeningAttack = 1

Else If (SewerTsunami == 0) Then
3/4 Chance

If (any opponent is on the back row) Then: Use Tail Attack on random opponent on the back row

Else: Use Tail Attack on random opponent

1/4 Chance

If (2nd opponent is alive) Then: Use Lick on 2nd opponent

Else: Use Lick on random opponent

Else If (Count == 0) Then: Count = 1

Else If (Count == 1) Then

Use Sewer Tsunami*(Forward version) on all targets

Count = 2

Else If (Count == 2) Then: Count = 3

Else If (Count == 3) Then

Use Sewer Tsunami*(Backward version) on all targets

Count = 0

SewerTsunami = 0

Counter - if attacked physically
If (HPDanger == 0 AND Self HP < 1/3 * Self Max HP) Then

SewerTsunami = 1

HPDanger = 1

Counter - if attacked by magic

SewerTsunami = 1


  • The "2nd opponent" refers to the character standing in the center of the party, usually Aeris if the player doesn't swap character positions.
  • Aps has two different flinch animations: one for the Sewer Tsunami ability and one for all other attacks.

Other appearancesEdit

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

MFF Aps &amp; Rapps FFVII
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Aps could be an alternative pet name for Apanda. Aps shares a resemblance and elemental properties with the boss from Final Fantasy V.

Abzu, also known as apsû, was the name for the primeval sea below the void space of the underworld (Kur) and the earth (Ma) above. It may also refer to fresh water from underground aquifers that was given a religious fertilizing quality. Lakes, springs, rivers, wells, and other sources of fresh water were thought to draw their water from the abzu. In the creation epic Enûma Elish, Abzu is depicted as a deity—A primal being made of fresh water and a lover to another primal deity, Tiamat, who was a creature of salt water.

Aps's artwork specifically confirms its named after the Mesopotamian God.
RōmajiApusu (Mesopotamia no kamisama no namae desu)?
LiteralAbzu (it is the name of a Mesopatamian God)


  • Aps is the first "non-robotic" boss faced in the game.

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