The Anything Eater is a boss enemy in Final Fantasy X-2 found in the Ruin Depths.

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It is a powerful foe when not in Oversoul, as it has access to powerful magic, such as Flare and Osmose. It has only one physical attack, and its spells can be reflected.

For its Oversoul state, Anything Eater will forgo its magical attacks in favor of picking off party members one by one depending on dressphere.

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Having Tetra Bands, Tetra Guard, or using Garment Grids such as Ice Queen that has elemental absorbing abilities, or even simply using the spell Reflect, will help in this fight.

Equipping a Star Bracer prevents all of Anything Eater's spells from hitting the party members. The only thing to worry about at this point is its physical attack, which can be taken care of by using a Light Curtain or using a dressphere with high Defense, such as Dark Knight, or using Berserker for their Evade & Counter ability.

If Anything Eater is Oversouled it is best to avoid having all three party members with the same dressphere on at the same time, and make sure to switch dresspheres whenever the message "Me no like dressphere!" appears. This ensures the boss cannot attack anyone that would be of that dressphere if they all are different.

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  • Anything Eater, along with Angra Mainyu and Humbaba, are the only enemies in the game to use the aeon-battle exclusive music piece known in Final Fantasy X-2 as "Aeons".

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