Sky Soldier RW

Ansei is a non-playable character Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. She is Llyud's partner in patrolling the Bosco Pampa. Ansei does not speak for the majority of the game, and only appears twice in the story. Ansei is a Sky Soldier and uses the generic Sky Soldier portrait and sprite.


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Ansei and Llyud had to patrol the Bosco Pampa due to the recent arrivals of aggressive sky pirates. The pair were attacked and overwhelmed by the local monsters of the Pampa. Llyud was saved by the party (Vaan, Penelo, Kytes, and Filo) and joined them to battle the monsters near Ansei. After they save her, Ansei flees the band of sky pirates.

Ansei reappears in the late stages of the game. She is the leader of a band of aegyl rebels that attack the party's airship, the Galbana, as their anima was restored. Hearing that Llyud challenges the aegyl god Feolthanos, she is enraged and attacks the party. Vaan and friends aid Llyud in dispatching the band of aegyl so that the airship may progress. Ansei never reappears again after that.

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