Anole is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

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Huh? I've been caught!? Aww, no! That's just no good! Let me loose quickly, okay? I'm looking for someone. I can't be wasting time here.
*sigh* Shinra, do you know what it's like to yearn for someone? I guess it's a little soon for you... I've been in love for... a long time. Our meeting was sudden, but I knew the moment our eyes met, it was love. Wouldn't you call that... destiny?
I fell in love before I took this form. Back then, I used to party in Kilika all night long... Even that day, I was wondering around the port, when all of a sudden, a giant wave came in! It was Sin. I was about to be swallowed by the wave, when "he" saved me.
Shinra, guess what? I remember now! You know, the promise I made with him back then. We promised that if we survived, we would meet again... at the bridge in Kilika. But in the end, I didn't make it through the attack. That's why I look like this now... But I still can't forget about him... I know that it can't work anymore, but I still love him! If I go back to that place, will he still be waiting for me?

A notable Anole was created from the spirit of a Kilika girl. During Sin's attack on Kilika, she was saved by a man whom she fell in love with. She eventually died from her injuries after promising to meet the man at a bridge. She convinced Shinra to let her see her love again, though conflicted of seeing him in her current state. After nearly leaving due to a misunderstanding of seeing her beloved with another woman, who she learned was his sister, Anole decides to find a means to regain her humanity for him.

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Its Poison Fang attack is quite annoying, but a quick Ice-based attack will bring it down.

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Anoles is a genus of iguanian lizards belonging to the family Dactyloidae. With 391 species, Anolis represents the world's most species-rich amniote tetrapod genus.

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