Anima is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. She is an aeon fought on the road to the Farplane.

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Anima can use Oblivion and Pain. Instead of being instant death like in Final Fantasy X, Pain this time inflicts non-elemental damage and various status effects; namely Silence, Blind, Itchy and reducing Strength, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion by 1 level.

It is best to protect the party by equipping Ribbons. Anima is weak against Holy, so a Warrior's Excalibur and Yuna's Trainer with Kogoro Holy deal heavy damage. Dark Knight's Darkness ability also works well. Another effective strategy is to use any special dressphere to render the fight somewhat trivial.

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Anima can be added to the Fiend Arena by capturing an Aranea in Bevelle with an L pod and raising it by 5 levels, then releasing it. The player needs to encounter Aranea in battle before this can occur.

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Anima is a feminine Latin noun for "soul" or "breath". Ancient Romans believed that one's anima resided in the chest; when a person died, his or her soul escaped from the body with the breath. Anima was associated with emotion and the heart; its metaphysical counter part, animus, was manifested in the brain and in one's sense of logic.

In Jungian psychology, the Anima can be defined as two things:

  • One's inner self, which is in contact with the subconscious, as opposed to one's outward persona.
  • The subconscious (yet partially conscious) female psychological qualities, which Jung said reside in all males and is usually an aggregate of a man's mother, but may also incorporate aspects of sisters, aunts, and other important female figures.

May also refer to the Anima Sola, or lonely soul in Roman Catholicism. Usually pictured as a soul in Purgatory, she has chains that have bound her wrists, which when broken mean she has repented for her sins. The Anima Sola requires not only divine assistance but also the help from the living.

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