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I spy with my giant eye...prey for the hunting!
—Angra Mainyu

Angra Mainyu is a boss from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is the first boss of The World of Darkness, and is based on Ahriman from Final Fantasy III.


Angra Mainyu has a variety of attacks that can affect the entire alliance, often inflicting status ailments that will destroy any careless players

  • Stare - Fires a beam directly in front of him. This will deal heavy damage to anyone who isn't a tank, and so others should avoid being directly in front of Angra Mainyu.
  • Double Vision - This affects the entire arena, but the effect is split into two down the middle. On the side marked red, players are hit with Ireful Gaze, while those on the blue side are hit with Sullen Gaze. These attacks create a status effect that increases damage from consecutive hits, so its essential players switch sides as one cancels out the other.
  • Mortal Gaze - Using both the eye in front, as well as a concealed "eye" in his back, he can inflict Doom on the entire alliance. This attack can be avoided by turning around before it goes off (the player must be facing him to be afflicted). Those who do get hit have ten seconds to remove it on glowing sigils in the arena before they keel over.
  • Roulette - Places a finger that affects the arena in a cone, which rotates around the arena. Four hourglasses will appear; if all are destroyed, the roulette is locked into the last one's section, enabling players to easily avoid instant death.
  • Level 100 Flare - Places a red orb over one player, with several others linked by a tether and a red ring indicated the range. If the total amount of players in the area of effect is an even number (i.e. total levels are a multiple of 100), they will be incinerated. Otherwise it has no effect.
  • Level 150 Death - Places a purple orb over one player, with several others linked by a tether and a purple ring indicated the range. If the total amount of players in the area of effect is a multiple of three (adding everyone's level together), they will suffer instant death. Otherwise it has no effect.

In addition, two Angra Mainyu's Daewa will spawn after Roulette ends. They use the standard Ahriman battle strategies (i.e. cone-based paralysis from Dread Gaze) as well as Eyes on Me, and thus should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Eyes on Me can and should be interrupted, otherwise it does a large amount of damage to most of the raid.


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