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The Ancient Dragon is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. Two of them are found in the Temple of the Ancients below the clock room, where they initiate a pincer attack. More can be fought in the Red Dragon room after defeating the monster.

They can also be encountered in the third round of the Battle Square on disc 2 onwards after the player acquires Highwind and Gold Saucer reopens. When fought in the Battle Square, its stats are enhanced, with its HP doubled and its Attack and Magic Attack increased by 25%.


# Formation
640 Row 1: Ancient Dragon A
Row 2: Ancient Dragon B
642 Row 1: Ancient Dragon A
Row 2: Ancient Dragon B, Ancient Dragon C
648 Ancient Dragon A, Ancient Dragon B (Attack from both sides)


Temple of the Ancients
Mural Room 640, 642
Bottom of the Hole 648 (event)
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group A - Battle 3 642
Group B - Battle 3 640


Ancient Dragons can be dangerous, as they may attack twice in one turn. They use the Southern Cross attack, which inflicts non-elemental damage to one party member.


As they are weak against Gravity, a single Demi2, T/S Bomb or Laser will defeat them in a single hit. For those that do not have access to either spell or item, it is recommended to cast Big Guard or Barrier to lessen the damage from their attacks, and to attack using the Demi spell or Graviballs.

Equipping an Elemental Materia paired with a Choco/Mog Summon Materia onto a character's weapon is also recommended, as this will make that character's attacks Wind-elemental, exploiting another of Ancient Dragon's weakness. It is advised to avoid having any character drop below 600 HP to prevent them from being killed, and to devote at least one character to healing at all times.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup
   Count = Rnd(0..3)
AI: Main
   If (Count == 0 or 1) Then
      Choose Random Opponent
      Use <Horn> on Target
      If (1/3 Chance) Then
         Choose Random Opponent
         Use <Horn> on Target
      Count = Count + 1
   } Else If (Count == 2) Then {
      Choose Random Opponent
      Use <Horn> on Target
      If (1/3 Chance) Then
         Choose Random Opponent
         Use <Horn> on Target
      1/2 Chance: Count = 3
      1/2 Chance: Count = Rnd(0..1)
   } Else {
      Choose Random Opponent
      Use Southern Cross on Target
      Count = Rnd(0..1)


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

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