The Anavatapta Warmech is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII. The fight begins with Odin in Gestalt Mode, and given the Warmech's Lightning weakness, it can easily be defeated before Gestalt Mode ends. If it manages to survive, it is fought with Lightning, Snow, and Vanille.

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Since the battle starts with Lightning already summoning her Eidolon Odin, simply press the default button for Auto-gestalt and let Odin take care of the rest.

If it survives past Odin, it will use Omnegator to put an invisible bubble around it, making it immune to all attacks. The player can stagger it with Ravager attacks and it will lose its immunity. After that, it is easily defeated. However, if the player fails to defeat it with Odin, it's recommended to simply restart to save time.

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Anavatapta refers to the lake at the center of the world, according to Buddhist cosmology. This lake is said to be "free from heat," the origin of its name, and that its waters cools those who have been tormented by fires.

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  • The Cocoon script writing on Anavatapta Warmech's arm reads "02".
  • Anavatapta Warmech has the same model as Manasvin Warmech, the only differences is Anavatapta Warmech red and black body colors and different Cocoon script writing.

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