My dreams, too, fade into day.
—Gran Kiltias Anastasis

Anastasis is a Helgas and the current Gran Kiltias of the Kiltia sect in Final Fantasy XII. He is a Dreamsage, able to enter the dreams of others, who dreams in the temple on Mt Bur-Omisace. In his dreams, he sees more than those who are awake. In many terms, he can be called as the grand sage, seer and also a grand bishop to all of Ivalice as he is the leader of Mt Bur-Omisace which is regarded as the holiest place on Ivalice as it is the nearest to the gods.

According to rumors heard by one of the refugees in Mt Bur-Omisace, the Gran Kiltias's position is above everyone else's in Ivalice. He is said to be able to silence kings, or even an emperor with just a single withering glare.

Anastasis was the one who sealed the dragon Fafnir and the Piscodaemon. Anastasis is the only Helgas featured in the game.

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Visited by the player party on Mt Bur-Omisace, Larsa meets up with the Gran Kiltias and Al-Cid Margrace to discuss how best to prevent the coming war. Larsa learns from Al-Cid that his father has been killed and that his brother Vayne has ascended the throne, making peace negotiations impossible.

Ashe, wanting to strike at the Archadian Empire, and knowing that revealing herself now would be pointless, asks the Gran Kiltias for a power greater than nethicite. He suggests going to the Stilshrine of Miriam, where the Sword of Kings lies. While the player party goes to the shrine, they leave Larsa with the Gran Kiltias who brings him to the inner sanctum.


Anastasis killed.

While the party are at the shrine, Mt Bur-Omisace is attacked by the Empire. Judge Gabranth and Judge Zargabaath take a non-violent approach, providing troop transport and escorting Larsa back home. Judge Bergan, with the power of manufacted nethicite, has different ideas. He slaughters anyone who gets in his way, including the Gran Kiltias. The party arrive too late, and witness Bergan standing over the Gran Kiltias's body. The Gran Kiltias's death results in the release of both Fafnir and Piscodaemon.

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Anastasis is voiced by Dwight Schultz in the English version. He is voiced by Tamio Ōki in the Japanese version.

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Anastasis appears as a summonable unit. He can be summoned using 200 Friend Points in Friend Summons. Initially, he is Rank 2 and his maximum rank is 3. His job is High Priest and his primary role is Healing.



Anastasis is Greek for "resurrection". He is the Gran Kiltias. Gran is a Spanish adjective term for "grand" or "great".