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A hovering beast possessed of a supple, bell-shaped body. The hypnotic undulations by which it propels itself through the air are majestic to behold. Not so majestic, however, is its barb-ringed maw, wherefrom a noxious digestive fluid is fountained forth in copious volumes. Travelers who would admire the amoeban are advised to do so from a distance, lest they gain unfortunate first-hand knowledge of the creature's capricious temperament.--Abyssean Bestiary

Amoebans are mysterious creatures found only in Abyssea. The Amoebans appeared shortly after the cataclysm that led to the crimson sky. They are aggressive towards those who cast magic or are injured, albeit only at night.

Regular Monsters Edit

  • Ephemeral Amoeban
  • Pond Amoeban
  • Protoamoeban
  • Stream Amoeban

Abilities Edit

  • Osmosis: An attack which drains a moderate amount of HP and steals one effect from the target.
  • Vacuous Discharge: A single-target attack which deals damage, causes knockback and Paralysis.


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