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The Amoeba, also known as the WaterBug, Water Bug, or Sea Pot, is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV. It appears in the Underground Waterway.


Battle Edit

It can be dangerous because it can counter magic with Reraise in the Nintendo DS release to revive any allies fighting with it that have fallen.

Strategy Edit

To guard against this, eliminate the Amoeba first; physical attacks are enough to finish this enemy. The fastest way of dealing with these enemies is to have Rydia or Tellah cast Thunder on them to do massive damage.

It counters magic with Heal (also known as 'Restore' or 'Remedy'), which restores HP to itself and/or allies. It also has higher HP than other enemies in the area, and leaves a great deal more gil and EXP as well.

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit


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Etymology Edit

An amoeba is a type of cell or organism with the ability to alter its shape.

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