FF4PSP Amoeba

The Amoeba (シーポッツ, Shīpottsu?, lit. Sea Pot), also known as the WaterBug, Water Bug, or Sea Pot, is a recurring enemy in the series.


Final Fantasy IVEdit


Amoeba ffiv ios

It appears in the Underground Waterway, and can be easily defeated using physical attacks or thunder magic.

Amoebas can be dangerous in the Nintendo DS release because they counter magic attacks with reraise. A thunder attack with Rydia or Tellah should still be enough to defeat them.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit


This enemy has the ability to regenerate its HP to full when hit by a physical attack by using Reraise. Furthermore, Reraise is only and always used immediately after it is hit by a physical attack. It will usually Retreat from battle after a few turns.

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit


FFL Ammonite

The Amoeba is a water type enemy found on the twelfth floor of the Tower.

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit


FFLII Ammonite

The Amoeba is a marine type enemy found on Giant's World.

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit


FFLIII Squid Monster

Amoeba is a monster enemy with some of the highest stats in the monster class..

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit


FFD Amoeba

Amoeba can be found in the Pirate Hideout. Its Venom attack, can inflict poison on a target.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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An amoeba is a type of cell or organism with the ability to alter its shape.