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The Amdusias is a flying demon enemy in Final Fantasy IX.

Battle Edit

It can use LV4 Holy which will affect characters of levels divisible by four. Quina can learn this spell from it. An efficient way of dealing with the enemy is to equip Demon Killer or Bird Killer to increase damage it, and simply attack as it is not a dangerous enemy at the point in the game it is fought.

An Amdusias is fought as a minor boss during the "You're Not Alone" segment in Pandemonium. Zidane begins the fight alone but is soon joined by Freya and Amarant. This version is no stronger than the versions fought later on as regular enemies, and the only notable problem is the possibility of it poisoning the player before the next fight in the segment.

Amdusias can counter attacks with Bio when he is on the ground, and Horn while he is airborne, essentially allowing him to attack twice in one round if lucky.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit


FFRK Amdusias FFIX
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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

In Goetic demonology, Amdusias is a Grand Duke of Hell. His appearance is said to be that of a man with claws instead of feet and hands, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet, or either just a unicorn that can change into a man at request. He is associated with thunder, has a boisterous voice. Some sources say he can give concerts when commanded, and although they will be heard, instruments are never seen. He can also make trees bend at will.

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