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Amazon Fire, previously known as Kindle Fire, is a line of tablets and smart devices manufactured for Seattle, Washington-based retailer, Inc.

Evolving from a well-known series of e-readers, forkedIn computing, a "fork" is defined as a software project that bases itself off of an earlier project and which eventually develops along a different path than the original, as into LibreOffice. a version of the Android platform's source code from Google, tailoring the Fire OS system to tie in to's retail platform. Most Android applications can be sideloaded onto Fire devices.

A number of Square Enix titles have been ported to the Fire family of devices by way of Android, which are available through the Amazon Appstore.

Square Enix titles on Amazon FireEdit

Final Fantasy seriesEdit

Other titlesEdit

  • Deus Ex: The Fall
  • Hitman GO
  • The World Ends with You

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