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Crystal Defenders Enemy
CD Alraune
Gametypes W1
Wave Number Wave 6
HP 97 (Bisga Greenlands)
72 (Bisga Greenlands Adv)
53 (Orchise Snowfields)
43 (Orchise Snowfields Adv)
Abilities None

The Alraune is an enemy from Crystal Defenders. A basic enemy, they have no abilities, but their HP is a little higher than previous enemies.

Etymology Edit

Alraune is the German word for mandrake and is also the title of a German novel published in 1911 about the daughter, named Alraune, of a prostitute that has an overactive sex drive and no concept of love. This is based on legends which state that witches who make love to the mandrake root produce offspring that have no soul or feelings of love.

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