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Almighty Shinra is a superboss in Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission and HD Remaster versions. It is created as the result of Shinra absorbing the pyreflies of Omega Weapon. When defeated, he can be recruited into the party. The player must release him after his storyline to get the Last Resort Garment Grid.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Once the fight starts, Shinra will use his strongest attack, Clione, immediately and directly after will follow up with Ultima.

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Strategy Edit

The battle is best attempted at level 99.

To start out the fight, everyone should be using the Mascot dressphere to survive Almighty Shinra's opening move. On the Garment Grid, the player should have Alchemist one slot over from Mascot so the girls can quickly spherechange. After Almighty Shinra has used Clione, a girl should use a Megalixir/Last Elixir to gain back the HP lost.

Shinra's next attack, Ultima, should not deal too much damage with high Magic Defense. Once he is about to cast Ultima, Rikku should start to change into the Alchemist dressphere and timed right, she will change after Ultima is cast so that she doesn't get KO'd by the attack.

Once changed, she should immediately mix a Dark Matter and a Potion to cast Miracle Drink on the party, making them invulnerable to Shinra's attacks. The party should then use Moogle Beam and Cactling Gun combined with a physical attack from Rikku to deal about 75,000 damage per hit. Fireworks is also useful when cast near low HP.

An alternate strategy involves preventing Almighty Shinra from taking a single turn through the use of the Quick Attack move. To do this, the player needs to have a monster with high (>200) Luck and Agility and as close to 255 Strength as possible. This can be done easily when the girls' levels are between 90-99 and capturing a L-sized monster.

To raise Luck to the required level, the player should equip a two Rabite's Foot accessories, available from Oversoul Jumbo Cactuar as a common drop. To ensure Almighty Shinra doesn't get a turn, the monster should be equipped with the Mercurial Strike Garment Grid and then be fed a Sprint Shoes accessory and three Speed Bracers. It is important that these are fed and not equipped, as equipping them will provide the monster with a move other than Quick Attack.

To ensure that only Quick Attack is used, the monster must unlearn all main commands apart from Quick Attack. If done correctly, the strategy will allow the monster to attack fast enough to defeat Almighty Shinra without allowing him to take a turn by keeping him staggered.

AI Script Edit

Turn 1
 Use Clione

Turn 2
 Use Normal Attack on random target

Turn 3
 If (Has less than 1/4 of HP remaining)
    Use Final Impact
    Use Ultima

Turn 4
 Use Normal Attack on random target

Turn 5
 If (Has less than 1/2 of HP remaining)
    Use Fireworks
    Use Full Break on random target

Turn 6
 If (Is in Haste status)
    Use Final Impact
    Use Haste on self

Repeat from Turn 1

Battle Quotes Edit

Time for an experiment!
Prepare to meet your doom!
I've just been toying with you up to now!
This should achieve the desired result.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

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