The Alligator, also known as the Aligator or Gator, is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV. It appears in the Ancient Waterway and Underground Waterway.



Easy Type

Battle Edit

In the 2D versions, it attacks twice in one turn and has a lot of HP. Alligators do not attack twice in the 3D versions, making them relatively easier to defeat (although all enemies in the 3D releases are stronger to a degree).

Strategy Edit

Rydia and Tellah should both cast Blizzard to destroy it, and Cecil should just use regular attacks.

AI script Edit

Condition: [The state of the monster herself is "stop"]
1 turn: (do nothing)
Condition: [Monster's own state is "Ran"]
1 turn: [Attack target setting: monster]
Condition: [Normal time]
1 turn: fight

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