The Allagan civilization thrived within the borders of a vast empire, producing marvels the likes of which this world has never seen again. It's said that its technology was so advanced, the magitek of Garlemald appears crude and childlike in comparison. When I first laid eyes on the Crystal Tower, I finally realized the truth of that claim...

The Allagan Empire, or just simply Allag, was a historical Empire in the backstory of Final Fantasy XIV. They were said to have expanded all across Eorzea, and even significantly beyond Eorzea's borders, during the Third Astral Era. Their technology was unsurpassed - the modern Garlean Empire's magitek is described as child's play in comparison.

Among their creations are Dalamud, the Crystal Tower, the Ultima Weapon, and Azys Lla, all of which have played a role in current events of the game. Other relics such as tomestones remain popular in modern times as collectors items. The Sons of Saint Coinach is an organization from Sharlayan dedicated to researching the civilization.


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The Allagan Empire was founded by Emperor Xande in the Third Astral Era, well over five thousand years in the past. At its peak, the Empire encompassed the majority of Hydaelyn, holding an innumerable populace under its sway. Allag's might came largely from its incredible mastery of science and magic. They were capable of extensive bioengineering (creating numerous chimerical monstrosities in the process), could craft massive space-faring vehicles, and even learned from the Ascians of a method of binding Primals to the physical world.

These incredible advancements in aetherochemistry were primarily the result from the influence of Omega, which was discovered 150 years after Xande's death.

As generations passed, though, Allag would gradually become stagnant and entered a decline, in part due to a lack of strong leadership and the total complacency brought on by its lack of scarcity. To restore it to prosperity, a technologist and magician named Amon sought to revive Xande as a means of providing the Empire with its strongest leader for eternity. As part of his experiments, Amon created clones of Xande's descendants, Doga and Unei, who would eventually imbue their clones with their will. Amon ultimately succeeded, and the reborn Xande returned the Allagans to their former glory.

Xande Throne

Xande on his throne at the top of Syrcus Tower.

Xande was not satisfied. though; having never fulfilled his original ambitions of conquering the entirety of Hydaelyn in his first life, Xande was determined to complete that goal. To do this, he sought the forbidden power of Darkness: the Voidsent. Since the Crystal Tower itself wasn't capable of generating the power to maintain a stable portal to the Realm of Darkness, Xande had the Elder Primal Bahamut placed in the artificial moon Dalamud for the purpose of harnessing the solar energy needed to enable the dark covenant.

The conquests of Xande and the resurgent spread of the Allagan Empire led to discontentment, however, and it is implied that numerous uprisings took place in the Empire's final days. In an act of desperation, Xande attempted to transfer the full energy of Dalamud into the Crystal Tower in order to complete his pact and tear open a rift to the World of Darkness. This proved to be too much for the Tower to maintain and the excess energy escaped into the ground, resulting in a catastrophic earthquake that laid the mighty Allagan Empire to waste and ushered in the Fourth Umbral Era. With the Crystal Tower buried, the civilization that had become almost entirely reliant on its energy plummeted into utter chaos. Though Allag and its culture faded away, their relics would remain scattered on Eorzea to tantalize - and eventually haunt - its future peoples.

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Military and TechnologyEdit

By the end of the Third Astral Era, the Allagans phased out conventional soldiers in favor of automatons and chimerical creations. Due to the highly advanced technology of their airships, many of their vessels looked nothing like any modern airship designs, typically resembling either globular vehicles such as the Fractal Continuum and Dalamud, or in the case of Ragnarok-class starships, like gigantic swords. The Flagship at the heart of Azys Lla resembles a towering spire with a relatively flattened top deck.

Their advanced biotechnology created all manner of chimerical creations, many modified by contemporary beastmen, dragons, and wildlife. They even managed to create synthetic voidsent, such as nagas. According to the Fractal Continuum, Void research was an "emerging field" late in the Allagan period. This same cloning technology was used by Xande to streamline the human sacrifices needed for his covenant with voidsent like the Cloud of Darkness, even using clones of himself.

Their greatest achievement may have been the binding of primals/eikons. The Warring Triad remains sealed as a power source for Azys Lla, while the primal form of Bahamut was incarcerated in Dalamud as an orbiting satellite. According to Tiamat, this technology was achieved with aid of the Ascians. Some of these anti-primal systems may have been using even older artifacts, as Lahabrea implied the Heart of Sabik at the core of the Ultima Weapon predated the Allagan civilization. Another weapon, the Omega, is said to have been used to combat Bahamut, though it it is unclear if it refers to the great wyrm or the primal summoned in his image (or both).


An empire is a dominion composed of a multitude of nations that's ruled by one sovereign leader, generally an emperor, although some empires were ruled by kings.