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FFCCEoT Aline is a mercenary in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. To obtain her, find her and talk to her in the Library after finishing all of the Story events there, and she will give a Quest (Monster Mash 2). Complete this Quest and then talk to her again.

Aline starts with the following abilities:

  • Sword Charge
  • Magic Stack 3
  • Sword Chain 4
  • Charge Guard
  • Guard Counter


Race Gender Level Weapon Head Armor Body Armor Accessory
Clavat Female 36 Graf Besen Nun's Wimple Nun's Habit Guard Ring


Level HP MP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
Initial 206 256 138 170 200 176
99 415 445 327 374 452 478

Elemental ATK/DEFEdit

Stat Fire Ice Thunder Stun Spacetime Dark
Attack 260 260 260 123 330 260
Defense 250 250 250 166 260 336

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