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Jegran Last form

The Jegran Armor.

The Alexis is an airship from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is named after the Lilty King's late wife, and came into disuse at an unspecified point before the game. A newer version, the Alexis II, was built later, but Layle crashes it into the Queen's Garden.

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A short time before the game's starting events, High Commander Jegran of the Lilty Army used his Crystal Bearer power to turn the King into crystal and hid the statue inside the Alexis. Princess Althea finds the King here and, in an effort to not let others know of what truly happened to him, publicly claims instead that he is sick. She personally searches for a Crystal Bearer who may cure him.

After Jegran rebuilds the ship and fits it with a Crystal Reactor, he fuses with the ship to make a giant entity with enormous power. The ship is destroyed after Layle defeats Jegran.

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