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Alexander - The Heart of the Creator, known by players as A11, is the third turn of the raid Alexander: The Creator in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
—In-game Description

Spoilers end here.


  1. Clear the Power Supply Line
  2. Defeat the Cruise Chaser









Players can obtain the following Achievements from completing the Heart of the Creator:

Musical themesEdit

Cruise Creator's boss theme is called Exponential Entropy; elsewhere, the standard Alexander themes play. A passage of Exponential Entropy was used when revealing gear in the Soul Surrender trailer.


Though many of Exponential Entropy's lines are incoherent and have yet to be released by Masayoshi Soken, it does reuse a familiar refrain from Locus and Metal - Brute Justice Mode:

Falling back right into the system of
Falling back on all that's erased
When fighting back right out of this system
Means falling back right into this space
Yes, falling back right in with the system
Who'll see you falling back to the end
When falling back is better than simply
Falling back into pieces again


Cruise Chaser Blassty is a sci-fi video game developed by Square Co., Ltd., in which the player controls a giant mecha in a war between Earthling rebels and an oppressive government which controls the entire solar system.

Cruise Chaser resembles the airship from Cruise Chaser Blassty, and says "Designation: Blassty" multiple times during combat.

In thermodynamics, entropy is a quantity that represents the ability of a system to use its internal energy to do work, and because it is related to the number of possible microstates of the system, it is popularly used as a measure of "chaos" or "disorder". The Second Law of Thermodynamics guarantees that the total entropy of the Universe is always increasing, unlike most other physical quantities, which are conserved. As such, entropy is closely associated with time.

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