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Alexander is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII. He is Hope Estheim's Eidolon, and he is fought by Hope, Lightning, and Fang in the Vallis Media, as a test to prove Hope's strength to him.

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Alexander initially targets Hope with physical attacks. Like all Eidolons, Alexander inflicts Doom on Hope at the beginning of the battle, and instead of being defeated, Hope must fully fill Alexander's Gestalt Bar. Libra will reveal hitting him to get chain bonuses will cause him to yield.

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The player will need just three paradigms - Protection (SYN/MED/SEN), Mystic Tower (RAV/RAV/SEN), and Combat Clinic (MED/MED/SEN) - so one should be sure to create the paradigms before the start of the fight. The party should start off the fight with Protection Paradigm and cast Protect on everyone and follow up with Mystic Tower. When the party's health gets low they switch to Combat Clinic, and then back to Mystic Tower.

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"Alexander" is a common western name of Greek origin, the original name being Ἀλέξανδρος (Alexandros), "Protector of Mankind". It may also be a reference to the famous Macedonian king, Alexander the Great.