XI Alexander is an Avatar in Final Fantasy XI who is fought on two occasions. The first is as the final boss of Treasures of Aht Urhgan and the second as a boss in the quests "Waking the Colossus" and "Divine Interference".

Nashmeira's PleaEdit

Those...who fail to worship...will be judged...

Alexander is the Final Boss of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion in Final Fantasy XI. He is fought in the second half of the mission battlefield Nashmeira's Plea. The avatar Alexander possesses the new Iron Colossus that was constructed to house it and attempts to reenact Ragnarok.

Only after defeating Raubahn and Razfahd in the first half of the battlefield will players face off against Alexander.

Alexander is completely stationary in this battlefield, and is capable of drawing in players if they are too far away from it. If players are within range of its special abilities but not its normal melee attacks, it will instead use Radiant Sacrament to attack enemies. Because it naturally has auto regain, it will always have TP to do so. Alexander also occasionally uses Gospel of the Lost to cure itself for ~1,100 HP.

All of Alexander's special abilities deal light elemental damage, and the most punishing one is it's signature Divine Judgment, which it will only use once at around a little less than 50% HP, and then again at very low HP. Alexander is also capable of giving itself immunity to specific damage types using Perfect Defense when it is below 10% health.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Draw In: Draws players in.
  • Divine Spear: Conal light magic damage, attack down.
  • Gospel of the Lost: Recovers HP, removes negative statuses.
  • Radiant Sacrament: Targeted AoE light magic damage, magic defense down.
  • Mega Holy: Wide AoE light magic damage.
  • Void of Repentance: Single target terror.

(used once below 50% HP and may repeatedly use it below 5% HP)

  • Divine Judgment: Wide AoE light magic damage.

(used below 10% HP)

  • Perfect Defense: Immunity to physical, magical and/or ranged attacks.


The music that plays during the second half of the "Nashmeira's Plea" battlefield is called "Ragnarok". It was first released as a bonus track in Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Original Soundtrack. This track also plays during the battlefield for the "Waking the Colossus" and "Divine Interference" and is used during a Wings of the Goddess nation quest cutscene.



  • This battlefield was introduced in the August 28, 2007 Version Update. The level cap then was 75.
  • Alexander is the first Final Boss in Final Fantasy XI that does not move. The second is Seed Crystal from A Crystalline Prophecy.
  • Although Alexander is immobile in this battlefield, he is capable of moving in his avatar quest battlefield.
  • Alexander is the only avatar in Final Fantasy XI who does not show its true form on Vana'diel and needs to be housed in a medium.

Waking the Colossus / Divine InterferenceEdit

Alexander is fought again in the quest battlefield that is shared by both "Waking the Colossus" and "Divine Interference". Both are quests that grant the ability to summon Alexander as one of its rewards.

This battle with Alexander is generally the same, except that Alexander can now move and loses the ability to use "Perfect Defense" and "Gospel of the Lost". It also has access to a different repertoire of spells, and can summon Alexander Images to assist it in battle.


  • This battlefield was introduced in the March 23, 2010 Version Update. The level cap then was 75.
  • Unlike other avatar quest battlefields, the time limit allowed for this battlefield is 15 minutes instead of the usual 30.


"Alexander" is a common western name of Greek origin, the original name being Ἀλέξανδρος (Alexandros), "Protector of Mankind". It may also be a reference to the famous Macedonian king, Alexander the Great.