Mages brought this ancient machine to life. His light ray attack burns away evil.
—PlayStation esper section

Alexander, also known as Alexandr, is an esper in Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite.


Alexander is a large, towering robot, with the appearance similar to that of a castle or a fortress. There are many clouds which are found beneath it.


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Alexander's magicite appears in the King's Room in Doma Castle, after Cyan defeats the Wrexsoul.

Alexander appears in the Anthology version's FMV, where it proves to be highly effective against the final boss. Its attack not only hurts Kefka, but also detonates his tower.

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Alexander can be obtained in the World of Ruin after defeating Wrexsoul with Cyan. The magicite then appears in the King's Room in Doma Castle.


FFVI Alexander

FFVI Alexander


Final Fantasy VI Advance Esper - Alexander

Final Fantasy VI Advance Esper - Alexander

Divine Judgment

Alexander costs 90 MP to summon and casts Divine Judgment (known as Justice in earlier translations). This deals unblockable damage to all enemies with a Spell Power of 114.


Alexander is equippable as a magicite, and teaches the following spells:

Alexander does not provide stat boosts when leveling up.



"Alexander" is a common western name of Greek origin, the original name being Ἀλέξανδρος (Alexandros), "Protector of Mankind". It may also be a reference to the famous Macedonian king and military conqueror, Alexander III, better known as Alexander the Great.