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The Aldanna Range area.

Rugged highland with row upon row of soaring peaks. Hardy mountain shrubs grow among its crags and cliffs.

The Aldanna Range is a mountainous region in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Located in the center of the continent of Loar, it is most likely the highest in elevation of any of Loar's other regions, and is partially covered in snow year-round. The Aldanna Range is a far distance from any major towns, the River Shirenia flowing to its north, blocking the range off from the scholarly village of Moorabella. It is here where the archaic wizard Lezaford makes his humble abode.


Redclay PassEdit

The smooth clay along this trail can be perilously slippery. Occasionally, a thin Mist hangs in the air.

The Aldanna RangeEdit

Icy winds and magicked Mist swirl though these mountain peaks. Many fierce beasts make their home among the rocky crags.

Random encounterEdit

  • Formidable Strength
Monsters indigenous to the Aldanna Range. They attack wildly and with terrifying force.
Forbidden: Reaction Abilities

Lezaford's CottageEdit

This old cottage is nested deep in the mountains. The trail leading here bears little sign of passage.

This is one of two locations that allows for the skipping of 20, 60, or 200 days in the game. This is also the location that takes you to Jagd Zellea after the mission "The Ritual".

Whitesnow PassEdit

This frozen pass lies under a perpetual blanket of snow that shines a ghostly silver in the moonlight.

Orchise SnowfieldsEdit

The ground here is dusted white with snow, broken only by the occasional track of some unseen animal.


Baptiste HighroadEdit

This road leads east to Baptiste Hill. There is little vegetation to break the monotony of this desolate trail.

Galerria HighroadEdit

This road leads to the caves of the Galerria Deep. Footing is treacherous on the dark, uneven path.

Zedlei HighroadEdit

This road leads north to the Zedlei Forest. Traveler's feet move with hushed whispers through the soft carpet of fallen leaves.



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