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Albrook, is a town in Final Fantasy VI. It is a port city, and after Vector, is the city most closely connected to the Gestahlian Empire.

Due to Albrook being the largest port on the Southern Continent, it was one of the first cities conquered by the Empire. When the player visits Albrook for the first time, the pub is always full of off-duty Imperial soldiers, and the streets are patrolled by troops in Magitek Armor.

Story Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
FFVI PC Celes & Shadow Rejoin

Celes and Shadow joins the Empire-Returner alliance.

The Blackjack lands at Albrook when Setzer ferries the party to the south to invade the Magitek Research Facility. After the banquet with Gestahl, Terra and Locke come to Albrook to board a Magitek Armor transport ship to Thamasa under the command of General Leo. They are accompanied by Shadow and Celes.

The Floating Continent hovers above Albrook once it becomes airborne, blanketing the city in shadow.

After leaving the Solitary Island in the World of Ruin, Celes washes ashore not far from Albrook. The townsfolk tell her much of what has happened in the past year, including Kefka's rise to power, and a man with a similar sparkle in his eyes to her, who headed north to Tzen to look for his friends.

Spoilers end here.

Items Edit

FFVI Albrook WoR iOS

Albrook in the World of Ruin (iOS/Android/PC).

Shops Edit

Items Edit

World of Balance
Item Price
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Eyedrops 50 gil
Holy Water 300 gil
Remedy 1,000 gil
Tent 1,200 gil
Teleport Stone 700 gil
World of Ruin
Item Price
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Holy Water 300 gil
Remedy 1,000 gil
Sleeping Bag 500 gil
Smoke Bomb 300 gil
Teleport Stone 700 gil

Weapons Edit

World of Balance
Weapon Price
Sakura 3,200 gil
Bastard Sword 3,000 gil
Kiku-ichimonji 1,200 gil
Venom Claws 2,500 gil
Shuriken 30 gil
Flame Scroll 500 gil
Water Scroll 500 gil
Lightning Scroll 500 gil
World of Ruin
Weapon Price
Flametongue 7,000 gil
Icebrand 7,000 gil
Thunderblade 7,000 gil

Armor Edit

World of Balance
Armor Price
Twist Headband 1,600 gil
Priest's Miter 3,000 gil
Ninja Gear 1,100 gil
Mythril Vest 1,200 gil
White Dress 2,200 gil
World of Ruin
Armor Price
Golden Shield 2,500 Gil
Green Beret 3,000 Gil
Priest's Miter 3,000 Gil
Golden Helmet 4,000 Gil
Golden Armor 10,000 Gil

Relics Edit

World of Balance
Relic Price
Silver Spectacles 500 gil
Peace Ring 3,000 gil
Sniper Eye 3,000 gil
Amulet 5,000 gil
Earrings 5,000 gil
Reflect Ring 6,000 gil
World of Ruin
Relic Price
Barrier Ring 500 Gil
Mythril Glove 700 Gil
Jeweled Ring 1,000 Gil
Knight's Code 1,000 Gil
Sprint Shoes 1,500 Gil
Gigas Glove 5,000 Gil
Earrings 5,000 Gil
Reflect Ring 6,000 Gil

Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

"From that Day On..." from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - The Day After
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Under Martial Law" is Albrook's World of Balance background theme, and is replaced by "From that Day On..." in the World of Ruin.

Gallery Edit


  • There's an event that is unseeable without the use of cheats, it involves bringing Gau to the Magitek armor transport ship in Albrook port after the banquet in Vector. When the player tries to board the ship, Gau will leave the party while Locke and Terra will share a word with one another about his quick departure. The "just in case" text can be found among the Albrook dock dialogue before the party embarks on the ship. It was thought it could be possible to have Gau here, if the player left him on the Veldt and picked him up right before this event, but there is no way this can be done as the player cannot leave the southern continent at this point due to the airship being grounded near Maranda.