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XIV The Ala Mhigan Resistance are the patriots of Ala Mhigo in Final Fantasy XIV, who oppose the Garlean occupation under Gaius van Baelsar and the XIVth Imperial Legion.

Unable or unwilling to submit to imperial rule or assimilate into the other city-states, the Ala Mhigan Resistance seeks to fight the Garleans on their own terms, and as such have yet seek direct aid from the Eorzean Alliance. They are primarily based in the settlement of Little Ala Mhigo in Southern Thanalan.


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A Realm RebornEdit

The Ala Mhigan Resistance is briefly met during the Main Scenario quests, in which the Scions of the Seventh Dawn seek them out in order to investigate the sightings of masked men. After gaining the trust of the Little Ala Mhigo elder Gundobald, the Adventurer discovers that several youths in the village were plotting to summon Rhalgr as a primal to combat the Garleans. The plot is halted before they do anything reckless, but limited information on the Ascians is acquired.

Another member of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, Widargelt, is a monk of the Fists of Rhalgr, and appears during the Monk job quests.


In the chaos of the Ul'dahn Revolution, Yda and Papalymo escaped the city with the aid of Resistance members to Little Ala Mhigo. As such, they obliged to join the Resistance, and soon became involved with a segment called the "Masks". Being led by a fireband called "The Griffin," the Masks have claimed to have a means to defeat the Empire and inspired many refugees to try to reclaim Ala Mhigo.

Under suspicion of having received stolen shipments of crystals from Ishgard, Alphinaud and the Warrior of Light soon investigate one of the Griffin's speeches, where they reunite with Yda & Papalymo. With their help, a meeting with the Griffin - actually a double speaking on the true Griffin's behalf - is made outside Little Ala Mhigo. The man reveals the crystals were not intended for them directly, but rather a gift to Amalj'aa so they might summon Ifrit and join the Masks in reclaiming Ala Mhigo.

It is implied this was actually a feint to ensure the Warrior of Light would confront the Warriors of Darkness at the Bowl of Embers: after meeting with his double, the Griffin speaks with Elidibus, who was apparently pleased with the outcome. He then presents the Griffin with his end of the bargain: the preserved Eyes of Nidhogg, assuring that as a man of boundless despair and vengeance he is worthy to inherit them.

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