Aisha: Ichi
MP 1 Soshi
Effect Lowers an enemy's attack stat by 15%.
Duration Varies
Casting Time 4 Seconds
Recast Time 30 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Water
Jobs NIN 78

Aisha: Ichi is a very high-level Ninjutsu spell in Final Fantasy XI that lowers an enemy's attack stat by 15%. It costs 1 Soshi tool to cast.

The scroll to learn this spell can be bought in Norg for 79,380-80,262 gil or obtained from treasure chests in Vision of Abyssea areas.


Translation: The literal meaning of Aisha is "wheel of suffering" or "wheel of sorrow". Aisha (哀車の術) also means "the art of inviting the pity of others". It is a conversational trick designed to lure the soft-hearted into dropping their guard. The FFXI spell lures enemies into going easy on players (weakening their attack stat).