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Clan Nutsy encounters Aisen Ghosts.

Plains where the thirteen knights of legend fought.

Aisenfield (アイセン平原, Aisen heigen?) is a plains location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is placeable after "Mission #006: Antilaws" is completed and is the site of "Mission #007: Diamond Rain". In this mission, Marche hears rumors of a mysterious rain falling in Aisenfield.

After a monster battle, he notices a diamond fall from the sky, but when he tries to pick it up, it disappears. Marche then speculates that the rain may have something to do with the Crystals. The Aisenfield is also linked with a pair of legendary heroes, Gaol and Lini. As such, some of the missions that take place there are related to the adventures of these heroes. These include "Mission #033: Battle in Aisen" and "Mission #080: Earth Sigil". Aisenfield can be freed in "Mission 245: Aisenfield" after "Mission #009: Magic Wood" is completed.

Encounters Edit

Aisen Ghosts Edit

Ghost of a soldier killed in a past war. Still searches for its enemy...


Turf Defense Edit

Help Aisen! Edit

The enemy Gunner will usually try to retreat farther and farther away from the player's party members while taking long range shots at them. The player will need to traverse the entire length of the battlefield to reach him.

Gallery Edit

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