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The Aisenfield area.

The legend of the Thirteen was born long ago on this sweeping plain that time forgot.

Aisenfield is a location Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is a grassland region located on the southern coast of the Ordalia continent. Aisenfield is a widely traveled place, and it includes highroads to no less than five other areas, the most in Ivalice.

Aisenfield is the site of a popular legend involving the Hero Gaol and the Thirteen Knights of Aisen, a legend also seen in the Aisenfield of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. This is also the location of Brightmoon Tor's second entrance.



This peaceful green field unfolds as far as the eye can see, a sight unchanging through the ages.

Gaol's MarchEdit

This road was built to honor the hero Gaol, one of the Thirteen Knights of Aisen.

The Ligress HeadlandEdit

Warm winds sweep across this rocky highland. Below, the Mirhelian Sea stretches to the horizon.

Random encounterEdit

  • Dire Rotundry
Usually calm, these plump, round birds fly into a frightening rage when provoked.
Forbidden: Grouping

Field of the FallenEdit

Grass sways in undulating waves across the verdant expanse. The Thirteen are said to have fought a great battle here.


Fluorgis HighroadEdit

This road leads northwest to Fluorgis. Bards can often be heard reciting their latest verses, refining them as they approach the city.

Tramdine TrailEdit

This trail leads north to Tramdine Fens. Chocobos that take fright easily make for ill mounts in the bleak swamplands ahead.

Nazan HighroadEdit

This road leads northeast to the Nazan Mines. Few pass this way since they closed.

Neslowe HighroadEdit

This road leads to the Neslowe Passage. The bridge here spanning the narrow sea is only open by day.

Kthili HighroadEdit

This road leads east to Kthili Sands. At this distance the great desert dunes seem only hills.


  • Making Music
  • Wanted: Musicians
  • Hunted
  • Treasure Tomes
  • The Seas Of Ordalia
  • The Beast Of Aisenfield
  • Abducted!
  • Wall Of Flame
  • A Dashing Duel

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