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Airy is a boss in Bravely Default, fought in three forms.

From Chapter 5 onwards, triggering the breaking of a Crystal leads to the "Finale" chapter and a fixed boss battle where Airy will automatically defeat the party. She then becomes the Final Boss found within the Dark Aurora and is only fought in two forms before being defeated. In the "The End" chapter, her first two forms are fought aboard Grandship, leaving her third form to be fought within the Dark Aurora.

Stats Edit

1st Form

2nd Form

3rd Form

Battle Edit

Even at levels as high as 70 or 80, Airy can be difficult if ill-prepared for she has a large arsenal of attacks that can inflict massive damage and hinder the party.

First Form Edit

Airy's hideous larva-like form uses Slaughter, an attack with her countless limbs that has slain countless Warriors of Light.

Airy resorts mainly to physical attacks. She tends to start with Tight Bind, inflicting Stop on the party, and then usually follows with Slaughter, a powerful physical attack on the whole party that also inflicts poison, but costs her 1 BP to use. If the party is poisoned, she can use Poison Punisher, which can deal lethal damage to the poisoned party members. As she suffers damage she uses Spike Guard, in which she counters all physical attacks with a normal attack of her own, and will remove it a couple of turns later.

At around 15,000 HP, she will transform into her second form.

Second Form Edit

Airy's odious, pupa-like form uses powerful attack magic along with acedia, which has a dispel effect on all her foes and leaves them vulnerable to all elements.

Airy uses strong elemental magic attacks that affect the whole party. Eventually every 3 or 4 turns, she uses Acedia to remove all the party's buffs and give them a weakness to all elements, which she will exploit for massive damage if not undone. She can mix in Luxuria, which casts Charm on the whole party. She can also cast Berserk on a party member (although this is annoying at best). After losing half of her HP once, she will restore herself to full HP.

Third Form Edit

Airy's final form uses the ultimate fire attack magic Zeta Flare to incinerate her foes and the deadly Plague ability to instantly slay those with status ailments.

In her third form, Airy uses attacks from both previous forms but incorporates new attacks with Zeta Flare, a major fire-elemental attack, as her only damaging spell. She also uses Dark Abyss, which inflicts Dread on the party, and Plague, which kills all party members if they have a status ailment. Airy's behavior is more dangerous since she will Default before using Acedia and then follow with Zeta Flare, giving the party no time to react in-between moves and dealing around 5,000 damage if not protected. Airy uses Recover twice in battle after losing half her HP each time.

Strategy Edit

The single and most effective method to counter Airy's arsenal of attacks without using too many ability and equipment slots is to bring a high level Spiritmaster, as it can render most of Airy's attacks useless by providing status and elemental protection, hindering her strategy greatly. A healer is still recommended just in case. For offensive purposes, either a Ranger and/or Spell Fencer can deal large amounts of damage to Airy exploiting her Bug nature and weakness to Fire.

A Dark Knight can also work if one uses a Dark/Black Bane and Minus Strike, provided protection and timely healing are always available to make sure the Dark Knight can stand the attacks. Since Airy can debuff the party, a party member with the Piracy command is a good idea to keep her stats on check. A Performer can also compliment the Pirate's approach to hinder Airy further.

When facing her third form, it is recommended the party brings Fire-elemental resistance for Zeta Flare. The Aegis Shields found in Dark Aurora and Dimension's Hasp can be useful to prevent Dread; Dark Aurora also contains the fourth and final Safety Ring, which can be equipped to prevent instant death; in any case, the Spiritmaster is still as helpful as before, and a Black Mage can assist with the Abate Fire ability.

Alternatively, an Arcanist with Status Ailment Amp and black magic can simply cast Sleep on Airy each turn, wasting her turn while the rest of the party attacks her; this makes it possible to win the battle without Airy getting to act.

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