The Air Ray is an enemy in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

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Part I Edit

The player must take caution when they first encounter this enemy in Part I, due to the fact its Lightning Bolt ability deals Light-elemental damage to all party members and may inflict Paralysis. The player should have plenty of Echo Herbs in their inventory, since the enemy may use the Silence spell and its physical attack may inflict the Silence ailment. Due to the fact the enemy is weak to Fire-elemental attacks; the player can easily defeat the enemy by using Magic Mojo and casting Fire.

Part II Edit

During the events of Part II, the Air Ray can only be found in the Moonsand Ruins and the Trial Tower bonus dungeons. When the Air Ray is encountered in the bonus dungeons, the enemy receives higher stats and has access to the same abilities, but the enemy is now weak to Earth-elemental attacks instead. When fighting the enemy, it is highly advised of the player to equip a Holy Shield to all party members and to attack the enemy with Bladeblitz and Quaga, while the other party members heal damaged allies.

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