Aim (チャージ, Chāji?, lit. Charge), also known as Charge and Onslaught, is a recurring skillset in the Final Fantasy series, primarily used by the Archer class in the Ivalice Alliance games.


Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


Carefully aim to strike for increased damage. Attack power increases with longer charge time.

Aim, previously translated as Charge, the moveset of the Archer job. It offers several levels of Aim, from +1 to +20: the higher the Aim, the more damage is inflicted, but the longer it takes that action to charge. Any weapon can be used with Aim, but the charge time can't be shortened by the ability Short Charge. Seems to deal damage like Attack, increased by the weapon's attack times the level of the ability, for example, with a weapon with 10 attack, Aim +1 would deal 10 more damage, 20 with Aim +2.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit


Aim is the Archer job's action ability. It includes abilities that inflict various ailments that hinder the target's actions, and abilities that enhance the user's attacks power or accuracy.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit


Precision is the Archer job's moveset. Despite some semantic changes, it features the same skills as its predecessor from Tactics Advance.

Moogle Knight uses the Onslaught skillset.