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Aim as seen in the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV (iOS).

Everyone, go go go!

Aim (ねらう, Nerau?), also known as Charge (チャージ, Chāji?), Target or Snipe, is a recurring command ability and skillset from the Final Fantasy series. It is usually associated with the Ranger or Archer job, and increases the next attack's attack power and accuracy, at the cost of time.


Final Fantasy IVEdit


FF4PSP Rosa Aim

Aim is one of Rosa's command abilities. Aim has a Charge Time of 1. Rosa's next attack will do a little more damage, and will always hit, but it takes her a few more seconds to attack. In the non-DS versions, it can only be used when equipped with a Bow, but in the DS remake, it can be used with any weapon.

In the game's original SNES release, Aim can hit KO'd and petrified allies; normally physical attacks are retargeted when aimed at KO'd or petrified characters, but since Aim is not considered a physical attack, it isn't retargeted. Because of the same bug, some enemies fail to Counterattack to Rosa's Aim, even if they were intended to counter every hit. The bug doesn't affect the GBA ports.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

FFIV-I- Aim returns in the sequel of Final Fantasy IV, and its Rosa exclusive ability. This command functions the same way as it did in the prequel.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit



Rosa retains her Aim ability, which can only be used when she is equipped with a bow. Aim has a Charge Time of 1.

Final Fantasy VEdit


FFV Aim Icon iOS
Raise the accuracy of attacks.

Aim is the Ranger's level 2 ability, learned for 45 ABP. When used, the character attacks with the currently equipped weapon, and is guaranteed to hit (with the exception of the Ninja if it uses Blink). The ability cannot be used if the user is under the Blind status. Rods may still miss even with the Aim ability.

Certain weapons have an Added Ability that randomly activates when the weapon is used with the Attack or Aim commands. Activated spells are cast in addition to the used command, but Mug from Thief Knife and Dance from Dancing Dagger replace the Aim command if randomly triggered.

Final Fantasy XEdit

X Aim is a Special ability appearing in Wakka's section of the Sphere Grid. It raises the Accuracy of all active party members, and by each use adds 10% to Accuracy. This can be stacked up to five times.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


Carefully aim to strike for increased damage. Attack power increases with longer charge time.

Aim, previously translated as Charge, the moveset of the Archer job. It offers several levels of Aim, from +1 to +20: the higher the Aim, the more damage is inflicted, but the longer it takes that action to charge. Any weapon can be used with Aim, but the charge time can't be shortened by the ability Short Charge. Seems to deal damage like Attack, increased by the weapon's attack times the level of the ability, for example, with a weapon with 10 attack, Aim +1 would deal 10 more damage, 20 with Aim +2.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit


Aim is the Archer job's action ability. It includes abilities that inflict various ailments that hinder the target's actions, and abilities that enhance the user's attacks power or accuracy.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit


Precision is the Archer job's moveset. Despite some semantic changes, it features the same skills as its predecessor from Tactics Advance.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

4HoL The Ranger's Target and Snipe abilities guarantee 100% success when hitting enemies.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

FFD Aim is the skillset of the Ranger class, which focuses on inflicting non-elemental ranged damage as well as debuffs on a single target.

Ability Job Level AP Needed MP Slots Description
Precise Shot 0 0 3 Attacks a single target with an unfailing strike.
Aim: Mouth 2 40 4 Attacks a single target and inflicts Silence, preventing spell casting.
Aim: Legs 4 80 4 Attacks a single target and inflicts Stun, resetting its wait time.
Aim: Heart 8 160 6 Attacks a single target and inflicts Confuse, causing it to attack randomly.
Quick Shot 12 280 9 Attacks and decreases the wait time until the next action.
Attack: Vitals 16 450 16 Attacks and instantly kills a single target.
Spreadshot 20 650 Attacks enemies four times at random.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


FFBE Ability Icon 40
Damage one enemy.

Aim costs 3 MP and allows the caster to do a 1-hit attack that deals physical damage (1.2x) to one enemy. It is an ability learned by long-range weapon users: Artemios, Fran, Luna, Medius, Mustadio and Sazh*Japan-only unit, all learn it at level 1 (3★), Rosa and at the same level but different rarity (4★), Trey*Japan-only unit at level 28 (4★), and Fina at level 18 (2★). Her Halloween limited form, White Witch Fina, learns Aim at level 18 (4★). It is also Gimlee's Trust Master Reward.


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