The Ahriman is a boss in Final Fantasy XII found in the Sochen Cave Palace. Also it is fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode at Stage 29. When fought in the Trial Mode, it has equipment available for stealing: Thief's Cap (common), Hypnocrown (uncommon) and Black Robes (rare).

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In ancient times, Sochen Cave Palace was used as a ground for spiritual training by monks and ascetics. Here they purified their hearts, yet the corruption they washed away pooled, becoming the black soil out of which the Ahriman is said to have grown. The coalescence of discarded corruption hates those with pure hearts, and attacks with vengeful animosity.
For this, the Ahriman is considered an enemy by most religions of Ivalice.




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Ahriman mostly attacks with magick, but it will also cast Doom. Ahriman will also cast Immobilizega from time to time. When around 40% of its HP is drained, Ahriman will start to use Divide, splitting itself. The replicas have around 700–1,000 HP, and are capable of attacking. The real Ahriman will appear slightly ghostly while the replicas appear solid. The party cannot hurt Ahriman with most magicks while his replicas are out.

With Thief's Cuffs one has a decent chance of getting a Death Powder. Two Death Powders are required to make an Ultima Blade, and they are hard to come by. The Ahriman replicas can also be stolen from, for a potentially unlimited supply of Death Powder.

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Shell is a great asset and mastered Remedy Lores are a great help. A good gambit set is Ally: any = Remedy and healing fast plays an important role.

If the party struggles spotting the genuine Ahriman—it can sometimes get crowded—one should try setting a Foe: highest HP/highest max HP gambit, and one will always target Ahriman (unless it teleports across the room). Overall, Doom is the greatest burden while fighting Ahriman, but with enough Remedies, this can be an easy fight.

An easy strategy to spot the real Ahriman is to cast Regen on it when the fight begins; as it is an undead enemy, the Regen will slowly dwindle down its HP. Once it starts dividing the real Ahriman will still have Regen, whereas the clones will have no buffs. The party can use Quickenings on the genuine Ahriman when it is bunched together with its clones.

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The Ahriman flits in and out of melee range, so be sure to bring along heroes with ranged and magic attacks, kupo! When it gets low on HP, it uses Divide to create a clone of itself, which is double trouble! It's vulnerable to holy attacks, so hit it with abilities like Dia, and it isn't resistant to Slow, so that's a good debuff to bring to this fight, kupo!
—Dr. Mog's Advice

The Ahriman appears as the boss of the "Sochen Cave Palace - Part 2" Core Dungeon. It will use Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara to inflict fire, ice, and lightning-elemental damage to single targets, and can inflict Doom and Confuse as well as use Toxify, which Poisons the entire party. When weak it begins using Maser Eye, dealing massive dark-elemental damage to one target. It can move in and out of range of melee blows, and when weakened it uses Divide to create a clone of itself. It absorbs dark damage, is weak to holy-elemental damage, and is also vulnerable to Slow.

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  • Ahriman is a ghost, rather than a flying one-eyed demon, differing radically from past incarnations. Ahriman, along side Ghosts, is the only Ghost-type enemy to have an eye by its 'chest'; the other ghost-types have either a gem or some sort of 'heart'.

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Angra Mainyu in the Avestan language and Ahriman in Middle Persian is the Zoroastrian idea of the devil, meaning "destructive spirit."