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TA2 Al-Cid


Masters of espionage who travel the world in search of information. They are well known for keeping a woman–or several–in every port.

Agent is a job class exclusive to Al-Cid in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He wields a gun and has several abilities that only affect female characters.

Similar to Ezel Berbier's case as a Hermetic in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Al-Cid cannot change into other jobs, so he is restricted to Reconnaissance and Items. He has no access to reaction or passive abilities.


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Guns Hats Light Armor No

Race Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
Hume 4 2 0 10 C F E E E E 64%



The AGENT does all in the name of his liege lady.

Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master
Escort Mastered Covers a female unit. 6
Flourish Chaos Rifle Increased damage if female units are in party. The more female units, the more powerful the move. Weapon range 150
Fawn Outsider Grants Regen and Astra to female unit. 1 150
Enchant Peacemaker Charms a foe or raises an ally's attack and magick. 1 150
Interrogate Mastered Shows a target's treasure, items, and gil. Also reveals invisible enemies and traps. 6
Succor Silver Cannon Restore HP and removes debuffs. Self 150
Impassion Mastered Grants Berserk to a unit and raises Critical Hit chance. 3
Reckless Abandon Longbarrel Damage and lowers target's Speed. Weapon range 250


The Agent's A-Ability's 1-line help descriptions are quotes rather than actual descriptions of the ability's effect.

Skill Quote
Escort "I would lay down my life at a single word..."
Flourish "If it is a fight you want, you shall have it..."
Fawn "A rose on the battlefield is a thing of beauty, no?"
Enchant "Lend me your strength, my lady."
Interrogate "What do my little birds have to say?"
Succor "A moment's rest for the weary."
Impassion "It's all in the wrist."
Reckless Abandon "Time to take off the proverbial gloves."