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Afflatus Solace

Afflatus Solace animation.

Inspires you to draw strength from the healing spells you cast.

Afflatus Solace is a White Mage ability in Final Fantasy XI. They gain access to this ability at level 40. Using Afflatus Solace will overwrite the effect of Afflatus Misery, and vice versa.

  • White Mage Level 40
    • Not available to players whose subjob is set to White Mage, even if their subjob's level is 40 or higher.
  • Recast Time: 1 minute
  • Duration: 2 hours

While active it grants the following effects:

  • Sacrifice: Casting Sacrifice while Afflatus Solace is activated grants a bonus to the variety of enfeebling effects absorbed and allows absorption of two enfeebling effects simultaneously.
  • Cure spells: Casting Cure, Cure II, Cure III, Cure IV, Cure V, or Cure VI while Afflatus Solace is activated grants the target the effect of Stoneskin for a short duration (approximately 30 seconds). The Stoneskin effect attained via this method does not stack with and will not overwrite the Stoneskin effects of other spells and abilities, such as the White Magic spell Stoneskin and Blood Pact: Ward ability Earthen Ward.
  • Elemental Bar Spells: Casting Bar-type spells while Afflatus Solace is activated grants an additional Defense bonus to the associated element.
  • Holy: Casting Holy while Afflatus Solace is activated grants a potency bonus to the spell based on the amount of HP you restore. The record of accumulated HP is reset upon use.

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