Afflatus Misery is a White Mage ability in Final Fantasy XI. It becomes available at level 40 and is mutually exclusive with respect to Afflatus Solace.

While active, Afflatus Misery does the following:

  • While Afflatus Misery is activated, the most recent damage you sustain will be recorded up to a limit determined by your character's level. This damage amount will determine the bonus value granted to specific spells. Unlike Afflatus Solace, it is non-cumulative and overwriting.
  • While under the effect of Afflatus Misery, you gain a bonus to the following spells:
    • Cura: increases potency.
    • Esuna: bonus to the number and variety of enfeebling effects removed.
    • Auspice: adds Light damage to initial attacks and an Accuracy bonus when target is missed.
    • Banish Spells: increases potency.