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The Warrior of Light, also known as Hydaelyn's Chosen, The Hero of Eorzea, The Champion of Eorzea, The Warrior of Warriors, The Slayer of Gods, and The Eikon Slayer, is the player's created character in Final Fantasy XIV, who serves as the lead protagonist. Warrior of Light is a recurring term in the Final Fantasy series since the original Final Fantasy, referring to the player character(s).

The player's character takes on the role of an adventurer in Eorzea during the Seventh Umbral Era who joins one of the three Grand Companies and later becomes a key member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. The Warrior of Light can be one of the six major races of Eorzea: Hyur, Miqo'te, Roegadyn, Lalafell, Elezen, and Au Ra.

In the CG cutscenes and most of the game's trailers, a young male Midlander Hyur appears representing the Warrior of Light, appearing as an Archer in the opening of the original game, as a Warrior in the End of an Era cutscene and A Realm Reborn trailers, as Dragoon in the opening of Heavensward, and as Samurai in opening of Stormblood.


The life of an adventurer is the pursuit of fortune and the pursuit of fame. It is the devotion of oneself to seeking out danger and glory wherever they might lie. It is an endless quest taken up only by the most intrepid and dauntless of souls.

The term came into popular use among the people of Eorzea little more than a decade ago. Left idle by the onset of the Age of Calm, a leading mercenary officer gathered to his side a number of trusted companions, and together they formed a guild dedicated to the common cause of aiding the realm at large.

Outside the modest station of their humble beginnings, a simple sign hung for all to see―Adventurers' Guild.

The Adventurers' Guild has since spread, and can now be found in each of the realm's great nations. It is here that Eorzeans come with their myriad pleas and requests, and here that adventurers heed the call, whether it be the slaying of some foul beast plaguing the countryside, or the crafting of fine wares demanding a master's touch.


Throughout the story, the Warrior of Light is a very important character. The Warrior of Light is highly respected by many people in Eorzea. The Warrior of Light becomes a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn after being scouted out by a Scion in whichever region the player happened to start out in, and their joining the Scions marks its turning-point as a truly effective organization thanks to the Warrior's ability as a possessor of the Echo to reliably come in contact with primals without fear of enslavement, and their fighting prowess along with Hydaelyn's blessing.

The role of the Warrior of Light beyond their main story role is mostly decided by the player's activities and choices made throughout the game. Progress in certain jobs or tradecraft disciplines does have a measure of change on dialogue, such as Estinien acknowledging the Warrior's status as a second Azure Dragoon at various points of Heavensward's story.

The CG Warrior of LightEdit

The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.
XIV Cover

CG artwork.

This midlander hyur, who acts as a poster boy for Final Fantasy XIV, is meant to represent the player when the player's model can't be used, such as in pre-rendered CGI cutscenes. He first appeared in promotional images and the game's original opening movie, and has since appeared in the "End of an Era/A New Beginning" videos and related promotional media for A Realm Reborn and the CG teaser and opening trailer for Heavensward, as well as Heavensward promotional media.

Known as "Meteor" in the recordings of the event sequences from 1.0 on the Realm Reborn Collector's Edition lore compilation disk, and more commonly as the "CG Midlander", many fans simply refer to him as "Hyur Midlander" (first name Hyur, last name Midlander) as a lore-friendly name in direct reference to his race. He is often shown alongside other characters, including a Sea Wolf roegadyn, male and female Wildwood elezen, a Seeker of the Sun miqo'te, and a plainsfolk lalafell, though he is consistently the main focus. These companions do not appear in the Heavensward opening movie.

At the launch of the original Final Fantasy XIV, most promotional work presented him as an Archer and Gladiator. However, starting from the End of an Era cinematic and into most promotional material for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the character is usually presented as a Warrior and is wielding the Bravura Relic Weapon. In the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion trailer, the character removes his Warrior armor and replaces it with Dragoon armor instead. In the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion trailer he switches to Monk attire and fights unarmed on his adventures through Gyr Abania, while appearing later as a Samurai in Kugane, fighting with a katana.

As of Patch 3.1, As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness, characters almost identical to the poster Hyur Midlander and his companions appear, this time as antagonists titled the Warriors of Darkness. In addition, the characters also have different names, with the Male Hyur Midlander being named Arbert, and the rest named Blanhaerz (Male Sea Wolf Roegadyn Paladin), J'rhoomale (Female Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te Archer), Naillebert (Male Duskwright Elezen Black Mage) and Lamimi (Female Plainsfolk Lalafell White Mage). Arbert shares the same voice actor as the posterboy from the 1.0 Trailer.

To play as the CG Warrior of Light in the game, the player need simply create a male Midlander Hyur character and continue with all the default appearance settings.



An adventurer is someone who undertakes into the unknown, often having a connotation of danger and excitement.

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