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FFT Speed Save

Adrenaline Rush in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Adrenaline Rush, also known as Speed Save (Speedセーブ, Speed Sēbu?), is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Adrenaline Rush, was known as Speed Save in the older translation, is a reaction ability in Final Fantasy Tactics. The Archer class learns it for 800 JP. Whenever a unit with this ability takes any kind of damage, they will add one Speed point to their Speed stats.

Bravely DefaultEdit

BD Adrenaline Rush appears as a Pirate support ability. It costs 2 slots to use, and raises Physical Attack and Physical Defense by 50% for five turns when the user's HP falls below 20%. However, the maximum increase for P.Atk and P.Def is 150%.


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Adrenaline rush means to have a sudden burst of energy from an increase in the hormone and neurotransmitter adrenaline secreted throughout the body when undergoing a traumatic experience. Signs of an adrenaline rush include augmented strength, not feeling pain, heightened senses, sudden boost of energy, and increased breathing and heart rate.

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