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I am the totema Adrammalech! By my strength, I shall defend the world-thread... And destroy all those who seek to harm it!

Adrammelech is the Totema of the bangaa in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is the third Totema fought by Marche Radiuju, at Nargai Cave. After being defeated, Adrammelech can be summoned by a bangaa member of Clan Nutsy. A Deph clone of Adrammelech also appears during the fight with Queen Remedi in her Battle Queen form.

Battle Edit

Adrammelech is accompanied by a Firewyrm on his right, a Thundrake on his left, and an Icedrake in front of him. The player will most likely need to kill off at least the Icedrake to reach Adrammelech. On the Totema's first turn, he will most likely use his Firestream spell to hit one's units from afar. This, coupled with one of the Dragons' Breath attacks, can KO a group of tightly-clumped units.

The key in this fight is to space units out enough so that one Breath attack cannot hit more than two of them at once. Players should take down the Thundrake on their first turn, and have any leftover units aim spells at Adrammelech. If one's units are sparsely grouped, the remaining enemies should not be able to KO more than one of Marche's allies. The player may then use the next turn to focus on Adrammelech. Summoning Famfrit may be helpful. Having many ranged units, or units that can hit at a far range, are also valuable. If this doesn't help, having one of the laws forbid fire can also simplify matters.

Stats Edit

Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
3 2 30

Growth chart Edit


As a boss, Adrammelech has substantially higher stat growth than normal, playable jobs. He possesses the highest Magic Power and Speed of all Totema, though the latter is still quite low. With the exception of MP, all of his other stats are tremendously above-average, making him more than match for an entire clan.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
13.4 S+ 2.4 E 11.1 S+ 10.6 S+ 10.5 A+ 10.6 B 1.1 D-

Abilities Edit

Expulse Edit

Totema command. Drive off all intruders.

Skill Effect
Lightspeed Damages unit and bypasses reaction ability.
Howl of Rage Lowers Speed of surrounding units.
Firestream Fire damage to all units in line.

Magestorm Edit

Totema command. Use all the world's magic.

Skill Effect
Soul Sphere Area MP damage.

Reaction Edit

Skill Effect
Counter Follow up an enemy attack with an attack of your own.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit


Adrammelech TCG

Adrammelech, the Wroth appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with a Lightning-elemental card.

Trivia Edit

  • As Adrammelech is the totema of the bangaa race, he possesses two abilities of the Bangaa job Templar: Soul Sphere and Warcry (renamed Howl of Rage.)
  • Adrammelech is designed after Dycedarg Beoulve's Lucavi demon form of the same name with more of a draconic appearance.