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FFTA Addle

Addle in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

The victim forgets all knowledge of abilities.
—Rumor Description

Addle (アドル, Adoru?, lit. Addle) is a recurring status ailment in the Ivalice games, first appearing in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

FFXI Misc Negative Status

Addle is a level 83 Red Mage and level 93 White Mage white magic enfeebling spell that inflicts a status of the same name decreases an enemy's Magic Accuracy and increases spellcasting time.

Pining Nocturne (恋情のノクターン, Renshou no Nokutān?, lit. Lovesick Nocturne) is a level 95 Bard song that inflicts Nocturne (ノクターン, Nokutān?, lit. Nocturne) status that has the same effect as Addle. Nocturne status and Addle status do not stack.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Addle is a Technick which lowers one foe's Magick Power. It can be bought in Rabanastre and Archades for 3,500 gil, and can be used for 30 License points.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

FFTA Addle Status Symbol

Units affected by Addle will not be able to remember any ability they have mastered, including Reaction and Support (if it plays any role in battle). Addle has an effect period of three turns. On the third turn, the effect wears off.

There are only three skills in the game that inflicts Addle:

It can be removed by dispelling effects:

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

FFTA2 Addle Status Symbol

The Hunter and Ninja/Assassin retain their Addle-inducing moves (though Addle is renamed Counter Force). Adelle can also inflict the Addle status with the move Nesiiam in her special Job, Heritor.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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