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Addendum Black

A scholar activating Addendum: Black.

Addendum: Black is a Scholar Stratagem in Final Fantasy XI.

  • Allows access to additional Black Magic spells while using Dark Arts.
  • Obtained: Scholar Level 30
  • Recast Time: Stratagem Charge
  • Duration: 2 hours

When used, Addendum: Black status overwrites the Dark Arts status. The effects of Addendum: Black are identical to those of Dark Arts, except that it grants access to additional Black Magic spells:

Spell Level
Sleep 30
Dispel 32
Sleep II 65
Stone IV 70
Water IV 71
Aero IV 72
Fire IV 73
Blizzard IV 74
Thunder IV 75
Stone V 79
Water V 83
Aero V 87
Break 90

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