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A cap made by sewing together pieces of the hard carapace of an adamantite shell. It is hard enough to turn away blades, supple enough to absorb impacts, and light enough for unhindered movement. The only drawback is its center gravity, which is slightly shifted to the right.
Bravely Default description

Adamant Hat (アダマン帽, Adaman Bō?), also known as Adaman Hat, is a recurring light helmet in the series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy IX Edit


Extremely durable hat.

Adaman Hat is a mid to high-ranked hat that provides 3 Defense, 33 Magic Defense, nullifies Thunder-elemental damage, and teaches the abilities Gamble Defense and HP+20%. It can be equipped by everyone except Steiner and Freya, and can be bought for 3,050 gil at Bran Bal and Daguerreo (disc 4).

Final Fantasy XII Edit

XII Adamant Hat is a mid-ranked light helmet that requires the Light Armor 7 license, and provides 29 Magick Resist, +310 HP, halves Fire-elemental damage and makes the user weak to Ice-elemental attacks. It can be bought for 5,900 gil at Mosphoran Highwaste and Phon Coast, found at Phon Coast (Limatra Hills), stolen from Malboro Overking at Tchita Uplands (3% chance), or from the Bazaar from the "Light & Sturdy Garb" set.

In the Zodiac versions, it now provides 31 Magick Resist and can be bought for 5,900 gil at Phon Coast and Archades, found at Salikawood (Piebald Path), Phon Coast (The Mauleia Strand), and Tchita Uplands (Realm of the Elder Dream), stolen from Malboro Overking at Tchita Uplands (3% chance), or from the Bazaar from the "Light & Sturdy Garb" set.

Bravely Default Edit

BD Adamant Hat is a hat that provides 9 P.DEF, 2 M.DEF, and 5 EVD. It can be bought for 4,200 pg at Eternia.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

FFD Adamant Hat is the strongest hat, providing 21 Defense, 15 Magic Defense, +1 Strength, +3 Speed, +1 Vitality, +1 Intelligence, and +1 Mind.

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Etymology Edit

Adamantite and similar words including Adamant and Adamantine are used to refer to any especially hard substance, whether composed of diamond, some other gemstone, or some type of metal.