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Action Points, also abbreviated to AP, is a stat in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. Action Points allows the player characters perform actions by expending the points.

Stronger actions require more points than weaker actions, and if a character equips a crown with certain proficiencies, they may require less Action Points to perform a command than other jobs; i.e. a Black Mage can cast Black Magic for fewer Action Points than the other jobs. The Sage also learns abilities that lower the AP cost for Black and White Magic.

The maximum number of Action Points is five. A character under normal conditions recharges one Action Point per turn. If the player chooses the Boost command on their turn, they will expend no Action Points and conserve them for their next turn. The Dancer crown and using the Lux spell allow characters to recharge Action Points at a faster speed than normal. Action Points that are used will be dim out.

Action Points can be restored during or outside of battle with Ethers and Hi-Ethers. Sleeping at an inn fully restores Action Points.

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