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Acrobatics (曲芸, Kyokugei?), also known as Stunt, is a recurring skillset in the series associated to the Juggler job.


Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit


Stunt is the command of the Juggler class.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit


Acrobatics is the command of the Juggler class.

Bravely DefaultEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


FFBE Ability Icon 83
Use random ability on enemy

Acrobatics is a special ability learned by Juggler, a limited-time unit from the Crystal Defenders collaboration. Juggler's first learnt ability at Level 1 (4★), it randomly uses one of three skills at the cost of 6 MP: Firebomb (33%), Dagger Toss (34%) and Ring Toss (34%). Firebomb deals Fire magic damage (1.4x) and may confuse (20%) one enemy, whereas Dagger Toss deals physical damage (1.4x) and may inflict disease (20%) to one enemy. Ring Toss inflicts stop (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy.


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