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Dissidia Ace is a playable character in the arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy as the representative of Final Fantasy Type-0 and, after Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics, is the second representative of a non-main series title.



Ace is identical to his appearance in Final Fantasy Type-0, wearing his Class Zero attire, which consists of the black jacket with gold shoulder pauldrons, white pants, brown pouch and the red cape that is signature to Class Zero.


Ace is a ranged fighter, using his cards to attack enemies from a distance. His EX Skill is Cut Cards, which seems to have a similar effect to its original function in Final Fantasy Type-0.


Ace is voiced by Yūki Kaji like in the original Type-0, who has also voiced Hope Estheim in the Lightning Saga and Bhunivelze in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.



  • Ace is the first male Shoot-type protagonist in the arcade reboot.
  • He is the second character playable from a non-numbered Final Fantasy game; the first being Ramza.
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