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FFXV Accordo

Accordo's capital, Altissia.

Accordo (アコルド, Akorudo?) is a nation in Final Fantasy XV. Along with Lucis, Tenebrae, and Solheim, it originally housed one of four crystals. Accordo is based on the Italian city of Venice.[1]

The E3 2013 trailer shows Leviathan in Accordo while Noctis and his friends fight opposing forces from Niflheim. Noctis is seen in the trailer exploring the city and battling enemy airships as Leviathan creates a waterspout and lays siege to the city around him. Leviathan can be spotted in crests and banners around Accordo in the footage that has been shown, as she is Accordo's guardian goddess, though its leaders realize that to summon Leviathan would mean terrible consequences for the city.

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Etymology Edit

Accordo means "agreement" (or "chord" if it refers to music) in Italian—Latin would more commonly be consensus—to consent. From Latin, Literally Ac-cor-do/datur: to give, or be of the same heart. The French d'accord follows the same etymology.

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